Download FaceTime for iOS (iPad, iMac, iPhone, Macbook, iPod Touch)

FaceTime by Apple is a video and audio telecommunication/ calling application only for Apple/iOS products. It can be used on the iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch to call anyone anywhere with the same app. It is perfect for calling your friends and family long distance when you miss them just to see their faces or when you need a friend’s opinion while shopping shoes. Whatever the situation is, FaceTime for PC lets you connect with other people using your cellular data or Wi-Fi. It is available as a pre-built in the application on Apple products like iPad, iMac, Macbook, iPod Touch (not available on other versions of the iPod) and is also integrated into a phone application for usage on the iPhone.

The application uses the handler’s Apple phone number or email address with the app which serves as a way for others in the user’s contacts to recognise them. Other email addresses can be added or removed while making use of an active number/address as the Caller ID.


  • During a FaceTime call, one can easily see themselves and adjust how much of themselves the other person/s on the call can see as well by zooming in and out their own picture.
  • Easy transition between landscape and portrait view during the call without any hiccups.
  • The application can support high definition video calling if one has an HD camera (can record up to 720p)
  • Block and unblock FaceTime calls via settings.
  • Toggle between their preferred mode of video (front camera and rear camera) without a hitch in the video call.
  • Mute the audio while on a FaceTime call.
  • The “Restrictions” option can serve as a child-lock that hides the app on the Home screen.
  • Enable/Disable contacts from FaceTiming you.


The FaceTime app by Apple is a terrific way to keep in touch with people you know. It is highly customizable and very economically priced, if not already built-in your Apple device. With exceptional quality and simple features, it provides an overall decent experience for all iOS users around.