How to Fix MovieBox / Showbox Not Working on iOS

MovieBox is one of the most amazing Apps that is installed on your iOS device; this app provides us to watch with a vast range of latest movies, videos, TV shows right on your iOS devices. This app gives you access to unlimited movies and videos with a high-speed streaming and downloads in any type of network. But sometimes you may face problem in watching videos through movie box app or the app stops working suddenly on your device. So to stop these kinds of problems regarding this particular app, I have come up with effective solutions to this problem of Movie Box.

Features of MovieBox App:

Movie box is one of the best apps for online movie lovers. People across the globe love this app due to its amazing features. So here I have mentioned some of the key features of Movie Box.

  • A separate watch and watched list are provided by the app.
  • The search option provided is very accurate for showing you the result.
  • This app enables you to watch movies in various languages with different subtitles.
  • You can also rate every movie you watch on the app.
  • You can share the movies you liked with your friends and family.

How to Fix Movie Box / Showbox Not Working on IOS:

As we know that movie box is a nice app with a wide range of movies, videos and TV shows, but sometimes you may have problems with this app, while watching videos or the app may suddenly stop working. Below I will show you how to fix Movie Box and fix not working of your show box app with this guide on iOS.

  • The movie Box app and Showbox app may be running in the background, even if it had crashed. So we have to force stop it before doing anything.
  • Then select settings then go to general setting from their turn off the date and time automatic settings. And change the date to 1,2014.
  • After that open movie box and Showbox on your home screen.
  • After that set date and time to automatic again.
  • Then you will see that the app is working or not.

So, these are the above-mentioned procedure by which you can fix Movie box and Showbox not working on iOS, so now you can enjoy the amazing features of movie box on your iOS device. Comment below, if you had any thoughts regarding the above-mentioned article.